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Goodreads: The Autodidact

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Ethel Zine & Press

Acclaim for The Autodidact:

"Meghan Malachi’s debut feels like an old friend with whom you relish long chats and late nights and secrets you’ll never tell anyone else. Throughout these twelve poems, Malachi elevates everyday moments of mundanity by delivering specificity amidst the kind of lines that steal breath without asking permission first."

Kayla King, Author of These Are the Women We Write About and Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pages Penned in Pandemic: A Collective

"Meghan Malachi possesses the mastery and the talent to take everyday moments and turn them into powerful revelations. In her debut collection of poems, she brings these moments into sharp focus with her evocative lens, providing snapshots into her world in the most beautiful way. She invites us into her inner-most thoughts and memories, providing us with those long sought-after "mirrors" that were missing in the books we read growing up. From cousins to grandmothers, from birthday cake to breakfasts, Meghan's poetry is like a tender-hearted hand squeeze from a dear friend."

- Cindy Tovar, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hispanecdotes Magazine

“In Meghan Malachi’s debut collection, we are all ‘cosmic’ brothers and sisters invited to bear witness to the extraordinarily thought provoking questions that lie hidden in the banality of family life. Weaving the familiarity of events such as having to explain technology to your grandmother with the wondrous ideas of what it means to find your identity, Malachi creates an atmosphere of truth and conversation that will rope you in with your own reflection, only to show you a version of yourself you didn’t know was there.”

- Neha Sridhar, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Authylem Magazine

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