"How It Works", forthcoming in  Sledgehammer Lit

"Solange's A Seat at the Table Makes Me Feel", Sledgehammer Lit

"Lockdown in the Summer",  Ghost Heart Literary Journal

"On the Red Line", Ample Remains

"Lessons From My Grandmother", Luna Magazine, Vol. 2

"360", Writers With Attitude

"Microsoft"Literary Forest Magazine

"21 Years", Pages Penned in Pandemic

"Sour", Pages Penned in Pandemic

"Sunday Breakfast", Milly Magazine

"Juanita", NECTAR Poetry

"Still Life of a Woman in a Chair", Aloe Mag

"I Know That You Have No Bones", One Sentence Poems 

"Sinusitis", The Honey Mag

"Search Engines Remind Me I Am Not Alone", giallo lit

"Elegy Asleep", Ascendencia